Parimatch Terms & Conditions for Indian Bettors

The betting company is all about taking bets on sports and events. Every bet follows the rules Parimatch has got in place at the moment. It’s important for the bettor to know these rules inside out and be cool with them before they dive in.

The betting company has the right to update and add to the current rules, terms, and payout methods without giving individual notice beforehand. Any bets already placed will stick to the original terms, but any new bets will follow the updated rules.

Here you can find the terms and conditions of Parimatch for players from India

Parimatch General Terms

You need to be at least 18 years old to register, open a deposit, and place bets. It’s important to remember that you’re fully responsible for ensuring that online gambling is legal in your area and for reporting any winnings or losses to the appropriate authorities in your country.

The brand wants to ensure fairness and responsibility in its operations. Therefore, the bookmaker may decline registration, depositing funds, or accepting bets from individuals who fall under the following criteria:

  • Citizens or residents of countries under sanctions by governmental agencies like the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Curacao;
  • Citizens or residents of states with legislation that doesn’t meet international standards set by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF). This also includes states with gaps in their strategies for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, as outlined in FATF reports;
  • Individuals who have previously been excluded or have voluntarily excluded themselves from participating in gambling activities.

Parimatch trusts that all the details you provide during sign-up are accurate. If, however, any information turns out to be incorrect, the company won’t be held responsible. So, make sure to double-check everything before submitting. 

In order to ensure fairness and address any potential issues like cheating, the brand might ask players to share personal identification, such as documents or passports. This helps Parimatch verify the information provided during registration. By agreeing to this, bettors agree to provide any required documentation during the registration process.

Conditions of Bets Acceptance

Parimatch takes bets depending on the lineup, which is essentially a schedule of upcoming events along with the odds provided by the betting company for their potential outcomes.

Changes to the lines (like handicaps, odds for winners, totals, restrictions on parlays, maximum bet limits, and more) might happen after you’ve placed a bet. But once you’ve made your bet, the terms stay the same. The bookmaker will only accept bets up to the amount you have in your profile balance.

During a single day of betting, you can’t place more bets on any event than the maximum bet allowed for that event listed on the line (for that specific date). If your total bets exceed this maximum, the brand won’t be able to accept those extra bets.

You gotta place your bets before the event kicks off. If you try to sneak in a bet after it’s started, that’s a no-go. Parimatch will just have to give your money back for those late entries. And if you were thinking of adding those tardy bets into a parlay, Parimatch is taking them right out.

Now, there’s a bit of an exception to this rule, and Parimatch calls them ‘live bets.’ These are the ones you can place while the action is already underway. They’re totally cool, as long as you’re not trying to place them after the event’s done and dusted. In that case, yeah, the brand will have to refund those too.

Parimatch Rights 

Parimatch has the authority to:

  • Set limits or decline bets from individuals without providing reasons or prior written notice;
  • If there’s suspicion of fraudulent activity from a bettor, the brand can cancel all bets, refund the deposit, and close the player’s gaming account;
  • Honor a player’s request to permanently close their gaming account without an option for reinstatement.

Decisions to decline bets or close accounts are made in accordance with these rules, considering the bettor’s betting history and the specific circumstances of each situation.

Parimatch Special Terms

If the event:

  • didn’t happen when it was supposed to and got delayed for more than 36 hours from the time it was supposed to start, all bets on that event will be resolved with odds of 1 (unless the rules for that sport say otherwise);
  • started but couldn’t finish within 12 hours from the time it was supposed to start, all bets on outcomes that were determined before the interruption will be resolved based on those results. For outcomes that weren’t decided, they’ll be settled with odds of 1 (unless the sport’s rules say something different).

If something happens to shake up the outcome, like a protest or a doping scandal, don’t worry, your original bet stands. And if by some chance there’s a tie and multiple players or teams are declared winners, the bookmaker will still settle those bets, but at odds of 1.

The bookmaker makes it a point to reveal the real outcomes using official records and other reliable sources once an event concludes. However, if there’s any confusion arising from conflicting reports on the same event, each with its own glaring errors, the brand takes the responsibility of making the ultimate call on how bets are settled.

Parimatch is here to listen and help resolve any concerns you might have about something that doesn’t quite sit right with you. You can reach out to Parimatch via email (at [email protected]) with your complaint within 10 days of the event’s results being confirmed. Unfortunately, the brand won’t be able to consider any complaints after this 10-day window has passed. In tricky situations where there’s no clear precedent, the bookmaker will take the responsibility to make the final call at Parimatch.

Rules for Winnings Payout and Withdrawal

As soon as the results of the events in the Aviator game are announced on the official sites, any winnings from your settled bets will be credited to your profile right away.

Feel free to request a withdrawal from your profile for any amount up to your current balance. The bookmaker will send your payout in the currency you selected when you signed up. Here’s how you can collect your withdrawal:

  • If you prefer, you can swing by one of “Parimatch” branches to pick up your funds. You can grab them the next day after making the request, or even on the same day if you send it before 9:00 AM. Just remember to bring along your ID document, like your passport or driver’s license;
  • If it’s more convenient, the brand can transfer the funds directly to your bank account. You can expect to see it in 1-3 banking days after you request the withdrawal;
  • Or, if you’re into electronic payments, the bookmaker can zap the money straight to your electronic payment account within one working day. 

When you’re depositing or withdrawing, it’s important to stick to the same currency and use the same payment method throughout the process.

Account Verification 

The brand might need to check who you are before it hands out any winnings or let you make transactions. This initial check is just to make sure you’re using real info and that you’re old enough to play, which means you’ve got to be at least 18. To prove who you are, all you need to do is upload a snap of your passport or national ID card in your profile settings. 

The bookmaker might ask you for more proof of who you are, even if you’ve already done the main checks. The brand might need things like a picture of you holding your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, or any other official ID. Parimatch could also ask for documents like a utility bill or bank statement. You can send these over by emailing [email protected].

Inactive Accounts

An inactive account in Parimatch is basically one that’s been idle for over a year. This means there haven’t been any successful deposits, bets placed on events or games, or withdrawals during that time.

As per the rules in the industry, you won’t be charged for keeping your profile active as long as you’re using bookmaker’s products regularly. However, if your profile shows signs of inactivity, the brand might deduct a small administrative fee from your balance to cover its expenses. Don’t worry though, if your profile balance is zero, you won’t incur any charges.

The account owner will receive a notification if their profile becomes inactive, using the contact details they provided and confirmed in their profile. After 30 days from the initial notification, a monthly administration fee will be deducted from the profile balance until it either becomes active again or the funds are depleted.

Once a dormant profile gets its first charge, all those exciting bonus campaigns go into hibernation too. That means any bonuses, points, or cash you’ve racked up through promos, loyalty schemes, or Parimatch deals on that profile will be canceled. But there’s a silver lining – if you’ve got a positive balance left, you can cash out whenever you want, as long as you’ve ticked off all the other rules.