Parimatch Privacy Policy for Indian Bettors 

Parimatch’s privacy policy explains how and what personal information the company collects about players.

Parimatch has a specially developed privacy policy for players from India

Use of Player’s Information

Your personal data, which refers to any information about you that can identify you personally, like your name, address, phone number, or email address, will be handled by Parimatch. Your information can also be handled by Parimatch agents and employees, as well as its partners and subcontractors when necessary. 

This processing is essential for Parimatch to offer you the complete range of services as a player. The brand collects your information when you register to open a profile with Parimatch or when you send a written query to the bookmaker.

Exploring Parimatch’s Data Collection Practices and Utilization Strategies

Parimatch gathers Player’s Information for a few key reasons:

  • To help players set up their profiles, giving them access to all the features of Parimatch services, like placing bets and playing games;
  • To handle any questions or comments players might have through Parimatch Online Help Centre;
  • To meet the necessary regulations for player registration, such as verifying age;
  • To keep players updated about upcoming events, offers, and promotions from Parimatch;
  • Setting up, operating, and managing player profiles. This might involve sharing information with Parimatch trusted partners and subcontractors who assist the brand in processing data on its behalf;
  • To deliver the services you ask for and handle any related matters efficiently;
  • Verifying the accuracy of your details, which might involve sharing them with third parties like financial institutions or credit agencies. The brand may keep a record of this search and could use the information to help other companies with verification processes;
  • Generating statistics about how you and other players use its services;
  • Crafting and presenting personalized marketing materials and content tailored just for you. 

Beyond these main reasons, Parimatch will only use Player’s Information for specific purposes, such as:

  • To regularly send account holders written communications regarding important service changes, updates on technical issues, and modifications to the Set of Rules;
  • To adhere to legal obligations or comply with legal processes, as well as to safeguard the interests of sporting bodies or other relevant organizations;
  • To investigate any suspected unlawful, fraudulent, or improper activities associated with the Services;
  • To report any crime or suspected criminal activities, such as money laundering or fraud;
  • To fulfill any other purposes essential for the fulfillment of Parimatch contractual obligations to the Player.

At Parimatch, you won’t receive any random messages about third-party deals or ads. However, the bookmaker might use your username, first name, and region to keep you in the loop about its exciting promotions and offers. 

The brand records phone calls to and from its Customer Services Department so Parimatch can improve its training and ensure security. If the bookmaker ever sells or transfers its business, it may also transfer your information as part of that process.

If you ever feel like you want Parimatch to stop using your information for the reasons mentioned above, just reach out to Parimatch. The brand will make sure to respect your request and stop processing it.

Retention of Your Sensitive Information

Parimatch cares about keeping your hidden information safe and secure. The brand will hold onto it for as long as it needs to provide you with its services and meet its legal obligations. Even after you’ve closed your profile or stopped contacting Parimatch, the bookmaker will keep your details for at least five years.

But don’t worry, when Parimatch no longer requires your non-public info, it will delete it from its records. If you decide to block access to its sites, mobile apps, or services, the brand will hang onto that information for a minimum of seven years.

Parimatch Players’ Rights

You have specific rights when it comes to how Parimatch handles your sensitive details. Here’s what you’re entitled to:

  • Right to Know and Access: You have the right to know what information Parimatch has about you and to receive a copy of it;
  • Right to Correct Mistakes: If there’s any incorrect information about you, you can ask Parimatch to fix it;
  • Right to Delete: You can request that Parimatch deletes or removes your details. However, there might be cases where the brand can’t do this for valid reasons;
  • Right to Limit Processing: You can ask Parimatch to restrict how it uses your data. The bookmaker will still keep it, but won’t actively use it;
  • Right to Move Your Data: You have the right to ask Parimatch to transfer your information to another company;
  • Right to Object: You can object to certain ways Parimatch processes your data, especially for things like direct marketing;
  • Right to Withdraw Consent: You can withdraw your consent at any time. But keep in mind, this won’t affect any processing that was already done based on your consent before you withdrew it;
  • Right to Complain: If you believe Parimatch isn’t following the Data Protection laws, you can file a complaint with your country’s data protection authority.

Sometimes, certain rights only kick in under particular circumstances. It’s important to understand that there could be times when the company isn’t able to grant you access to your concealed details. This might occur if the brand has complied with data protection regulations by either deleting, erasing, or anonymizing the information, or if it involves disclosing someone else’s private details. Parimatch might also turn down a request if the law allows or requires it. If your request is denied, the company will provide an explanation for the decision.

Parimatch wants you to feel empowered when it comes to your privacy. Regardless of your location, you always have the freedom to determine how the brand handles your information. You have the right to revoke your consent or opt for alternative methods of receiving updates by simply adjusting your account settings.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by Parimatch’s marketing emails, don’t worry! Each email gives you the option to unsubscribe. But even if you decide to stop the marketing stuff, you might still hear from Parimatch occasionally. The bookmaker will send you updates on any changes to its Terms and Conditions or Privacy Notice, and anything else super important for the services Parimatch provides.

Use of Google Analytics

Let’s take a closer look at Google Analytics—it’s like a supercharged data guru, helping Parimatch gather, organize, and make sense of all sorts of information. 

Getting the hang of how it works is crucial. Google Analytics helps the brand to find out what users are doing on the Parimatch Aviator website, improve the site and adjust the marketing plan. But, like any powerful tool, using it responsibly means being upfront and following the rules to make sure everyone’s privacy is respected.

Google Analytics works by using cookies, tracking codes, and user IDs to collect data. With these tools, it keeps tabs on what users do on a site, like how long they stay, where they’re from, and what devices they use. This helps Parimatch improve its services, make user experiences better, and create content that matches what visitors like.

Changes to Parimatch Privacy Notice

Updates to the Parimatch Notice might pop up from time to time. Don’t worry, you can easily stay in the loop by checking out the latest version on the Parimatch site. If there are any significant changes coming your way, rest assured the brand will reach out to you. Whether it’s through a friendly email or by posting all details right on the site before anything kicks in.